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January 13, 2011 Regular meeting

Town of Grover
January 13, 2011 minutes

The meeting was called to order at 6:00pm by Chairman Wayne Staidl. In attendance were: Chairman Wayne Staidl, Supervisor Kim Kittredge, Supervisor Wayne Hoffman, Clerk/Treasurer Lisa Witak, Jack Clark, Lud Richter, Dave Thibodeau-Peshtigo Times, Vern Cramer, Naomi Dumke, Karl Stibbe, Eugene Frank and Gordon Klimek.

Motion to approve the agenda by Kittredge, second by Hoffman. Carried.

Motion to approve 12/13/10 minutes by Hoffman, second by Kittredge. Carried.

Motion to approve the treasurerís report by Kittredge, second by Hoffman. Carried.

Public Comment:
Karl Stibbe asked about putting up snow fence on his land to eliminate snow on Stibbe Lane.
Gordon Klimek asked about the money from the old truck to be put toward the refurbish of a different truck.
Eugene Frank asked if gravel could be put on the shoulder of Kasal Lane.

Lawsuit from Joan Lemsky, Peshtigo School election letter, Federal Voting Assistance Program survey, tobacco survey, IRS letter regarding tax deposits online. Wayne Staidl received letters from the Department of Corrections.

Officer Reports:
Clerk/Treasurer: A liquor license application was received from Peshtigo Webb LLC.
Supervisor I: Kim received calls for a graffitied stop ahead sign.
Supervisor II: A stop ahead sign was broken on Behnke School Road. A broken tree was hanging over the road so it was cut down.
Garbage/Recycling Coordinator: Lisa would like the board to look at the way that garbage/recycling charges are handled.
Zoning Administrator: Kim forwarded copies of the building permits to the assessor.
Road Crew: Signs are again being stolen in the town. Buzz gave a list of needed signs to Kim. There are bump signs needed on some roads.

Motion to approve haulerís permits for Veolia, Waste Management, and G&S Refuse by Kittredge, second by Hoffman. Carried.

Motion to extend the SVRS agreement with Town of Peshtigo through December 31, 2011 by Staidl, second by Kittredge. Carried.

Motion by Kittredge, second by Hoffman to deny refunds of garbage charges on improved parcels. Carried

Motion to approve operatorís license for Mindy Bosch by Staidl, second by Kittredge. Carried

Next meeting: February 14, 2010 6pm

Motion to approve vouchers and Cramer Excavating, payroll tax, and property tax settlement by Kittredge, second by Hoffman. Carried

Motion to adjourn at 7:00pm by Kittredge, second by Hoffman. Carried

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Witak


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